NEW Knitting Machine Handle adapters

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Are you still cranking your knitting machine by hand? These knitting machine adaptors will help you to knit projects faster using an electric screwdriver.

These tools are created with our 3D printer using high quality PETG. Also includes a standard ¼” hex steel bit that fits securely in any standard electric screwdriver.

*No need to remove anything from your machine! Simply connect the attachment to your power screwdriver and place snuggly over the handle of your knitting machine handle. Maintain a slow, consistent speed for best results.

**Addi Adapter~works on Addi Express 22pin and Addi Express king size machines 46pin.

**Sentro Adapter~works on Sentro 22pin, 40pin and 48pin machines. And all Jamit brand machines. Also fits the loops and threads 40pin And the 32pin mushroom knitting machine. 

* using a high powered drill is strongly discouraged. The power can be too strong for your attachment and machine.  A powered screwdriver at 4V or less is what is recommended.

*We are not responsible for any damage to your knitting machine or the attachment due to incorrect usage, over powered tools like a drill, or speeds that are too fast for your machine.